Pallet Sign Projects

$50 (10" x 20") Pallet Sign
$50 (14" x 14") Pallet Sign

$50 (17" x 17") Pallet Sign

$50 (20" x 20") Pallet Sign

Single Board Sign Projects
$50 (8" x 32") Single Board
$50 (12" x 24") Single Board

$50 (12" x 48") Single Board

$5 ea. (5.5" x 5.5") Scrabble Tiles up to 12

What we Do



A Makers Place hosts informal workshops to create projects similar to what you see on Pinterest or Etsy.  We have many projects to pick from and designs are up to you. Everyone can do something different.

BYOB is allowed! 

Be sure to check out our Facebook page @ and share some of your favorite projects with us! 

Check us out and thanks for stopping by!

A Maker's Place

119B East 3rd Street 

Taylor, Texas 76574


A Maker's Place