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A Maker's Place
  1. $20 CHARGE for ALL Custom Designs.
  2. No Fee for Personalizing Designs from Gallery.
  3. Design requests are due 3 Days PRIOR to workshop. This allows us to have your design cut prior to your arrival. $10 re-cut fee is applied to any changes after your design has been approved by you and cut. Signs are pre-assembled prior to workshop.
  4. DON'T  WEAR  NICE  CLOTHES! We do have aprons but this is a workshop and you WILL get messy.
  5. You may bring Wine, Beer, Snacks......whatever you wish!     
  6. We accept cash, and credit/debit. If possible, please try to have EXACT CHANGE!  We'll love you for it!
  7. Depending on your speed and comfort level, workshops may run longer than expected!  You can always come back and finish if you are unable to complete your project, but it's rare that you have to do that!  The more personalized you want your piece, the longer it will take.
  8. Due to limited space in our building, project sharing is Not Allowed and everyone who attends a workshop must do a project.  If your friend wants to stop by to check us out for a minute, that's perfectly OK!
  9. Leave your worries at home!  Just come have a good time.....everyone can do this. You don't have to be creative, crafty or artistic, you just have to be willing!
  10. Lastly, this is a WORKSHOP, not a class.  We provide the materials and guidance and everyone gets to work at their own pace!  There will be assistants available for any questions and/or advice. This allows the flexibility for you and your friends to all do something different together!!